Excelsior Chocolate Easter Eggs

Cello Easter Egg 170 grams

Cello Easter Egg 280 grams

Cello Easter Egg 400 grams

Cello Easter Egg 700 grams

Egg-Assorted Ball 280 grams

Egg-Plush Toy Assorted 170 grams

Egg & Mini Plush Toy Assorted 170 grams

Egg-Plush Toy Assorted 280 grams

Other Easter Items Available:
Egg with Cars or Trucks 280 grams
Eggs with Dolls 280 grams
Vecchio Forno Colomba
Lamb with Lemon Cream 900 grams
Traditional Primavera 900 grams
Traditional Primavera Box (Box Chocolate) 700 grams
Traditional Easter Tin 700 grams
Cello Colomba
Traditional Cello Colomba 650 grams

Milk Chocolate Mini-Eggs 200 grams