Welcome to the new baked products line: Divella's 'Fantasie del Mattino'. A new way to say "good morning" with genuine products respecting tradition: the cocoa and cream ' Briotti', the honey ' Campetti' and many others, all in 400 gram re-sealable packaging.

 briottiBriotti is one of Divella's 'Fantasie del Mattino'; crumbly and tasty they are particularly good at breakfast, with tea, or as a simple snack.

 gaietti Gaietti is one of Divella's 'Fantasie del Mattino'; soft and crumbly at breakfast-time or good for an afternoon snack.

 campetti Campetti is one of Divella's 'Fantasie del Mattino'; all the energy of honey for a quick breakfast or the ideal companion for an afternoon snack.

 trullettiTrulletti - A new taste to be tried at breakfast or any other moment of the day.

 murgettiMurgetti - At breakfast, for a snack or at any moment of the day, the pleasure of enjoying a butter biscuit with an unforgettable taste.