Nova Scotia Smoked Arctic Charr

Nova Scotia Arctic Charr is a fish prized for it's delicate flavour and high content of Omega 3 & 6. Our Arctic Charr loins are hot smoked using only natural wood - there are no artificial flavours or preservatives. Smoked Arctic Charr can be used in any recipe that calls for smoked trout or other smoked seafood - dips and soups would be just two delicious examples.

Nova Scotia Arctic Charr is SHELF-STABLE and comes shipped in a beautiful full-colour displayer that includes high impact graphics and take-away recipe cards. Each 4oz pouch comes packaged in a distinctive, premium, eye-catching box that would look great displayed on a deli counter, over a cheese fridge, in a gift basket or anywhere in the specialty foods section.

Nova Scotia Arctic Charr are raised and cared for by the people of the Millbrook First Nation.

CASE PACK: 12 x 4oz - Item # 1142