Divella Pasta

 Since 1890, the best wheat has been one chosen by Divella to make its soft wheat flour and durum wheat semolina for the different types of pasta.

The processing method of its very modern mills has held fast to the tradition and passion that has always linked Divella's name to a first-rate production.

With its two mills Divella has an overall output (flour and semolina ) of 800 tons of milled wheat a day.The first mill was built by Francesco Divella way back in 1890 but we did not actually start producing pasta till 1905.

Initially, our range of shapes was very limited but the quality was high and enabled us to conquer the local market. In 1905 we built a new mill and made major investments to increase our pasta production.

The inauguration in 1990 of our new ultra-modern pasta factory and 3 mills consolidated our position as the 2nd largest producer of pasta in Italy.