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Pan Ducale Biscotti

After many years of research, Mr. Pasquale D'Amario discovered the best sweet specialities recipies of "Abruzzi region of Italy". Once the recipes were perfected, Mr. Pasquale D'Amario worked to combine the ultimate technology with the traditional process of preparing these delicacies.

In 30 years of serious duty he has created the perfect balance of the artisanal and industrial operation. The Pan Ducale Company grew from 2 employees working in a small bakery, to a modern factory with 35 employees. All the products, before leaving the production are checked by two quality controls (automatic system and personal supervising).

Pan Ducale has two fundamental concepts: 1) All ingredients and the final products have microbiological control. The above control is indispensable to reach a constant and healthy quality. 2) Since 1966 the expansion of marketing to foreign countries has been maintained by the company policy "GOOD PRICE in HIGH QUALITY"

Production Process

The principal ingredients (flour and liquid) are stored into silos and after computerized electronic scales check control via vacuum system, they proceed to the production process. The electronic and manual double-checked control of the almonds guarantees the cleanest ingredient ready to use.

The ingredients go to the blender, then after a specific time, the dough goes to a strainer machine that puts it on pans installed on carts. The carts proceed to rotary ovens for baking. The cooked product proceeds to a computerized MULTI-TEST scale for weight process and then to the fully automatic packing system. The finished product is ready to ship.

Bastoncini are typical and traditional italian biscotti, made by Pan Ducale in five flavors: Almond, Whole Wheat Almond, Chocolate Chip, Raisin and Chocolate Almond (new MORETTINI). The Bastoncini are perfectly enjoyed with Tea, Cappuccino and after dinner with sweet wine (Vinsanto or Passito) or light liquer (Sherry).


Bastoncini Almond available in 250 gram box.


 choco chip bastoncini

Bastoncini Choco-Chip available in 250 gram box.



Bastoncini Organic available in 250 gram box.


 pan ducale raisin

Bastoncini Raisin available in 250 gram box.


Bastoncini Whole Wheat available in 250 gram box.

also available.....Bastoncini Plain Bulk available in 4.5 kilogram container, Biscottone Cantucci and Choco-Chip available in 907 gram boxes and Bastoncini Singles in 3 kilogram containers.